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    • Can you tell me which stock?.

      While I calculate EOD IVs using the data disseminated by NSE at EOD. The one on this page is done using prices on option chain. If they vary, you can see some difference.

      You get 1 SD & 2 SD on the pay-off graph itself.

  2. Hi Raghunath,
    I tried with Biocon, Sintex, Cummins and Infy. For few lot of difference was there. Which IV to be considered for the accuracy?
    It would be great if the values of 1SD and 2 SD showed in the pay-off chart or down in the table. Thanks

    • There s certain issue with the EOD data supplied by NSE. Some prices of options are weird causing this effect. The IV on the options builder will be most accurate as it is current taken directly from options chain. I will fix this issue soon.

      1SD & 2SD are already shown in the pay-off chart.

  3. Hi Rajhunath,
    Calculator has stopped working since a few minutes.
    Screen just stays blank.
    Kindly please check.

    I’ve been using it for days,
    Really awesome work. Thanks for this


  4. Weekly expiry dates are not comming in the drop down can you please short out this issue .

    Thanks for your efforts .

  5. Weekly expiry dates are not coming in the drop down can you please short out this issue .

    Thanks for your efforts .

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  7. Hi ,

    As i have refereed to so many books and i found in order to calculate the IV we need the followings .

    Strike Price
    Spot Price
    Risk Free Rate
    Time to expiry
    And option Premium for the particular strike price

    Is there any formula available to estimate the IV(Implied Volatility ) with out the option premium .

    Highly appreciated if some can help me out .

      • Ok ! However if any one want to calculate the IV what are the variable required ? . and other thing i have noticed in the Option Builder IV for particular stirke is not matching with the IV mentioned on the NSE ( For An example for Strike of 9750 CR on 01-10-2017 @ NSE site was 7.25 however in the Option Builder its showing 12.51 and for almost every strike CE & Put the IV is mismatching ) Can you please clarify .

        Thankyou !

        • I calculate the IV little bit differently from NSE who use a little bit dated calculation. They use spot price, I use future price to calculate IV. Future price captures interest rates, dividends etc to reflect an accurate IV.

          If you have gone through the site link that I gave you would have known what variables are needed to calculate the IV.

  8. Sir,

    Could remember that you said you are working in pair-trading tool and it will be released in a weeks time sometime back. Please let me know when are you going to release. we are waiting for it.

  9. Hi
    The option greeks value are not much accurate . It created difference while implementing the strategy .
    Since i try delta neutral strangle . But i am using derivagem which calculates iv as well as option price .
    I have check with that , it shows me difference .
    Can you please check , because on deriva gem graph ,pay off are not there . Your tool is awesome .
    Please ensure accuracy , i think there is little bit difference . Please check it once with derivagem by taking any stock or index.

  10. Option builder tool not being displayed..the following error msg displayed
    tools.traderslounge.in’s server IP address could not be found.

  11. Hi Raghunath,
    Will be obliged if you cud just elaborate on the positional greeks that is getting displayed on the Option builder tool..Does the display change everyday for my position? How do we go about interpreting the net effect of the these greeks on the position value? Do we hv to keep an eye on all the greeks or any one or more of them in particular?
    No doubt..the tool is a very valuable one for the traders.
    Thanks for the great service…

  12. Thank u so much ..for your reply..
    I do hope that you will be responding to my other queries in the post..


    • NSE option chain for Nifty & BankNifty is empty after 3:30PM these days. So its not working. I’m looking at other alternative sources to make it work.

  13. HI..Raghunath.Thanks for your support for other option traders.I am planning to take positions based on Options Algorithm tool. The tool is generating strategies based on EOD data.But if i take the positions in next day morning there will be some gap up or gap down will be there.So spot price is varying.Then how to take positions using that tool?
    What are the parameters you considered while creating the tool?

    • This tool use latest data from NSE option chain with may be a 5 min delay. This is only for analysis. I can’t help if stock moves fast in 5 mins.

  14. the best tool to show position geeks. in fact, none of the free tool i came accross was able to do this. thanks a lot raghunath.

    is there a possiblity that one could save the legs and monitor it on real time or EOD. If yes, kindly let me know.

  15. This Option Builder uses live data. It’s great. Can this data (the stock name and it’s live IV, its IVR and IVP) can be given as a tabular format? So that we can sort it just like you show the EOD IV data on another page? It will be very much helpful to traders who access ur website daily.

  16. in the greek value table its not showing the iv of future price and in the p/l table we r not getting the results. and if theta value is negetive is it benfit or loss

  17. hi raghunath sir . u r site is wonderful thanks. in option algorithm there is no option of (double calender spread) I can see call spread, diagonal spread etc. but no double calender spread. please add it very helpful thanks a lot sir

  18. Why not show the Expiry Graph along with the T+0 curve for the Payoff Date? Just helps to keep perspective. Also qty restricted to 9. Any reason?

  19. Hi Raghunath ji,
    Great Platform
    I have an issue that IV value is not correct as per option chain.
    Please rectify

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