Open Interest App – Indian Stock Options

Open Interest App – An app to visualize the open interest and change in open interest of Indian stock options in a graphical format.

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  1. hi raghu, do you maintain nifty max pain? I know it is easy to generate. But would be great if automated and available in web app.

  2. Hi Raghunath

    Is it possible to get the PCR displayed below the strike price in the OI chart? Right now, the PCR display is cluttered. Thanks.

  3. Display of Mcdowell OI is compressed. Anything can be done without compromising the display of other scrips’ OI?

    • Other scrips get affected. The chart is a reflection of option chain. As long as OI exists at those strikes in the option chain I can’t do anything without affecting display of other stocks. After this expiry, it should be normal.

  4. Mcdowell has undergone a split or so and I think the screen for the scrip needs to accordingly tuned. Same is the case with TCS.

  5. Respected Raghunath Sir, how can we see OI & change in OI data for Nifty next month expiry…?

    Is there any plan to develop such chart?

    Thanks much in advance!!!

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