Get Indian Stock Alerts via PushBullet

Yesterday, I posted an article on how to use PushBullet API to get Stock Alerts from BSE website. But this involved a bit of programming, installing python module, setting up Cron jobs and getting API keys etc. It has been overwhelming for many of you who don't have domain knowledge in these areas.

To make it easy for many of you to get the Stock Alerts, I have created a channel using pushbullet API, when followed will send instant notifications to you on PushBullet. And this doesn't involve any coding on your end. Just follow the instructions below to get the notifications.


PushBullet Installation

Register on PushBullet website using your Google or Facebook account. After registration, you will see a dashboard window like this


Get Indian Stock Alerts via PushBullet

PushBullet Dashboard

Under the Devices section, click on "Add a Device" to get all options available to install PushBullet. 

You can install PushBullet as an App on your Android or iPhone mobile or as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox & Opera or as a desktop PC application on Windows machines. Choose any of the above to install the PushBullet.

Follow the Channel 

Once PushBullet is installed, click the button below to follow the channel 'NSE FNO & Nifty 100 Stock Alerts'

Once you follow the channel, you will get Stock Alerts as push notifications on your devices (mobile, browser or PC). At present, you will get notifications if there is an update on Nifty 100 stocks & NSE Futures and Options Stocks.

Since BSE website disseminates so many announcements on stocks, we are going to filter the announcements with certain relevant keywords in order to avoid useless notifications. Currently, the keywords that are used for filtering are - Financial Results, Stock Split, Bonus Issue, Dividend, Clarification, Merger, Media, Rumours, Demerger, Rating, Promoter, USFDA, FDA, FDA Approval, Rights Issue and variations of them.

In future, I'm going add some more channels for Nifty 200, Nifty 500 etc which when followed will get notifications when there is an update on those stocks on the stock exchange.

Any feedback, queries or suggestions on this topic are welcome.

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