Harmonic Patterns in Nifty 500 Stocks

Harmonic Patterns in Nifty 500 index stocks. A list of bullish and bearish harmonic patterns such as AB=CD, Butterfly, Bat, Gartley & Crab patterns are detected and displayed in the table on EOD basis.

Harmonics patterns are by nature repainting, a pattern that you might have seen in a particular stock chart today might disappear tomorrow with change in price action. So, always wait for confirmation of the pattern for a day or two. If the pattern doesn't disappear in a day or two, then it can be used in your analysis or trading etc. For this reason, in addition to present day harmonics patterns table, two more tables of previous two trading days also provided.

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In case, the table for harmonic patterns is empty, it means no harmonic patterns were found that particular day.

The Harmonics Patterns Table will be updated every day 07:30 PM IST

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