Screener for 200 and 100 Day Moving Average of Nifty 500 Stocks

This is a screener for 200 and 100 days simple moving average (DMA) of Nifty 500 Stocks. A simple moving average is the mean of the stock's closing price over the last 'X' periods.

In the table, 200 DMAs and 100 DMAs of stocks listed as well as how far their moving averages are from the current price of the stock and depicted as 'Δ 200DMA' & 'Δ 100DMA' respectively. By default, the list is sorted by Δ 200DMA.

Δ 200DMA is the difference (delta) between the current stock price and 200 Day Moving Average price represented as a percentage. Same holds true for Δ 100DMA.

Δ 200DMA is calculated using the formula

Δ 200DMA = ((Current Stock Price - 200 DMA Price)/(200 DMA Price))*100

Delta of the moving average from the current price will tell us how strong or weak the price action been in the last few days. A strong momentum in stock's price will show a large positive delta while a price breakdown will show a large negative delta and a sideways/consolidating price action will show lower delta closer to zero.

The screener will help traders/investors to look for the delta of moving average of stocks to enter a momentum based trade or a mean reversion based trade.

Clicking on the stock symbol will take you to the stock's chart with the moving averages. Please give some time for the charts to get populated in the background.

The 200 & 100 days moving average screener table will be updated on EOD basis every day 07:30 PM IST

Date Symbol Close 200 DMA Δ 200DMA(%) 100 DMA Δ 100DMA(%)
Date Symbol Close 200 DMA Δ 200DMA(%) 100 DMA Δ 100DMA(%)
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  1. I liked very much screener for 200 and 100 DMA of Nifty 500 Stocks. Can you please include screener for 50 and 20 DMA of nifty 500 and F&O stocks?

  2. let the userbe given an option to create his set of scripts ,say a portfolio ,and select the timeframe and the moving average period say 10days 20days and get the report accordingly . this facility will be helpful and more of meaning or select stocks from nifty indices and get report .

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